About us
A high-quality egg
Branded products
We are marching from a national brand towards a global brand, supplying nutritious eggs, high-quality egg liquids, deep processed egg products and chicken products to the whole country every day.
Poverty alleviation with chicken
In response to the overall arrangements made for the fight against poverty, the poverty alleviation by developing chicken industry program initiated and implemented by us in 2015 fell to the ground in Wei County of Hebei Province. Thereafter, we establish
Global strategic cooperation
kaiyun全站 Ecological joins hands with world-leading animal science and equipment manufacturing companies to concentrate on breeding and fine processing, supplying high-quality egg and chicken products to customers.
R&D innovation
We never stop innovating, constantly making efforts in the fields of food testing, new product development, feed formula and bio-safety, etc.
News and updates
The latest updates or news officially released by kaiyun全站 Ecological provide you with the firsthand information about the company and the industry.